Annual Prize Winners 1922-1967

The November 19th 1949 image below shows Celia Asher receiving her prize on the stage of the Hippodrome. The 28th. annual Speech Day guests were Admiral Sir Ralph Leatham, late Governor of Bermuda, and Lady Leatham, who were paying a visit to Hemsworth, where the Leatham family lived for many years in the building which became the Grammar School.



Annual Prize Winners 1922-30 
Annual Prize Winners 1938-67 1
(A.G. Jenkinson Latin, History, W. England Memorial, M.A. Griffiths French)
The A.G. Jenkinson Prize for Latin was inaugurated in the 1937-38 School year, and was given by the Old Hilmians Association. The same year saw the first M.A. Griffiths Prize for French awarded. It was also given by the Old Hilmians Association.
  Annual Prize Winners 1938-67 2
(Kubo Art Medal, Dr. Walker Plaque, Kenward Biology Medal, Mathematics)
Annual Prize Winners 1937-67 3
(Latin (Col. Hallam), French, English, General Science)
Annual Prize Winners 1938-67 4
(Geography, History, Biology, Physics)
Annual Prize Winners 5 1938-67 5
(Chemistry, Riggott Cup for Dramatic Art, Scripture, Individual Cricket Cup)
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 Form Prize Winners 1950-59
  Form Prize Winners 1960-66
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 Physical Training Medal 1945 to 1967 
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The image below was taken at Speech Day 1949. 

L-R: Arthur Askey, Mary Bingley, Peter Schofield, Rita Doughty, Bernard Milner, Patricia Waring, Richard Whittaker