School Dinners



 Dinner Arrangements from a late 1930s School Prospectus:-
Mid-day Meal.
A hot two-course mid-day meal of good quality and generous quantity is served in the School Dining Room. The cost is 3/- per week, or 8d. per single dinner. Pupils may bring their own lunch from home, but they must eat it in the rooms provided and will be required to pay a small weekly sum for the use of the crockery.
Mr. Scourfield  (Latin)

Some of the staff had school lunches served in the Dining Hall with the children, and they took it in turns to say Grace at the start and end of the meal. "Scoff" (Ivor Scourfield) the Latin master, always said a Grace in Latin, usually two words like "Dominum laudamus". But "Dickie" Hamilton, the Art master liked to air his Scottish roots, with this unusual grace:-
Mr. Hamilton (Art Master)
"Some ha' meat and nae can eat,
Some can eat and nae ha' meat,
But we ha' meat an' we can eat,
And so dear Lord we thank Thee."

Stuart Walker, HGS 1935-40